Suppliers of OEM in Rubber industry – Matching upto the consumption needs

The Indian rubber industry is burgeoning in its significance and strength as it plays a pivotal role in the global economy. India is the largest producers of rubber and is the third largest consumer. The concentration of automobile companies in Chennai, South India has made it the ideal location for rubber manufacturers andSuppliers of OEM in Rubber industryin Chennai. The rubber production is unstable for the last few years yet the rubber production is at a consistent rate in India resulting in the tremendous growth of the industry over the years. The traditional rubber producing zones are in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The rubber consumption include

  1. Automotive tyre sector consumes 50% of rubber
  2. Bicycle tubes and tyres consumes 15%
  3. Footwear consumes 12%
  4. Belts and hoses consumes 6%
  5. Camelback and latex products consumes 7%
  6. Other products 10%

The All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA) is a non-profit body serving the rubber industry to safeguard the interests of the industry. The AIRIA is the apex body of both tyre and non-tyre sector and deals with raw rubber traders as well. There are over 1200 member affiliated to AIRIA. It is headquartered in Mumbai with regional offices in New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

In the year 2018-19 the production fell 7.5% and the consumption as increased by 9% on year due to heavy rains and low prices. The rubber production for the period is over 8.5% a decrease put at 4,79,000 tonnes. The rubber consumption is up consistently. For the nine months it increased by 13% to 9,21,600 tonnes. The projected rubber consumption is put at 12 million tonnes. The domestic production is able to meet 75% of the natural rubber requirement of 2030. To reach the projected production, the annual planting and replanting would be atleast for 8,000 ha and 10,000 ha respectively. With the trade expected to be less, the import and production is projected at 5.5 lakh tonnes.


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