ISO certified rubber company – Strengths And Challenges

The Indian rubber industry is supported by a well established rubber production sector. The rubber industry value chain started with natural rubber plantation and ends with the production of a variety of dry rubber and latex based products. Natural Rubber is regulated by a strong tariff protection and domestic market regulations. The factor contributing to the growth of ISO certified rubber company is positive intervention of institutional agencies with the aim of self sufficiency.

Rubber products like tyres need natural and synthetic rubber. The consumption of synthetic rubber is mainly determined by the consumption of end product, relative prices and technological change. The consumption of synthetic rubber in India increased from 411,830 tonne in 2010-11 to 633,975 tonne in 2017-18. India is the sixth largest producer of natural rubber with a productivity of 694,000 tonnes in 2017-18. The capacity in India is around 900,000 tonnes and 75% of this is tapped. India is also the 2nd largest consumer of natural rubber globally with the consumption around 1.1 million tonnes. Some of the natural rubber consumptions include sheet rubber, block rubber and latex.

Natural rubber is not export oriented commodity because of the deficit in production. The export happens to adjust the demand-supply instabilities in domestic market. The export potential of the rubber products exports is high and the export earnings are put at Rs 20,915 in 2017-18.

ISO certified rubber company – Strengths And Challenges

The strengths of the rubber sector is the existence of rubber products manufacturing industry consuming the entire natural rubber produced in the country. The rubber industry faces challenges like

  • Sub-optimal agro climatic conditions
  • Impact of climate change
  • Saturation of area for new planting
  • Agro climatic
  • Topographic
  • Cultural
  • Social
  • Institutional
  • Price volatility
  • Low price situations
  • Production repercussions
  • Lack of competitiveness
  • Growth stagnation of non-tyre rubber manufacturing sector


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