Rubber O-ring manufacturer in Tamil Nadu – Delivering customized solutions

Rubber O-rings are mechanical gaskets used to prevent leaks in gas and fluids. It is manufactured from different types of elastomers. There are many types of O-ring materials and these include:

  1. Neoprene
  2. Nitrile
  3. PTFE
  4. RPDM Rubber
  5. Fluorocarbon
  6. Silicone

For high temperature applications Silicone is commonly used. Rubber O-ring manufacturers in Tamil Nadu delivers both custom standard and industry standards. The size may vary depending on the type of the product selected. The O-rings are available in different size, materials, profiles and durometers.

O-Ring material selection

There are many types of materials available and each has different applications and features. Certain materials improve performance in high heat and chemical applications while others deteriorate under tough operating conditions. The O ring compatibility is determined by the type of chemicals and oils used. Both tear resistance and abrasion is important especially in dynamic applications.

Primary considerations of O ring material selection

  1. Temperature compatibility
  2. Durometer
  3. Size
  4. Cost
  5. Chemical compatibility
  6. Sealing pressure

Based on the applications, electrical properties, tear resistance, dynamic resistance and ozone resistance are considered. The parameters are taken into consideration while making a choice.


Types of O-Ring applications and their impact

  1. Static Axial Seal groove is designed after taking into consideration the pressure coming from inward or outward. For outward pressure the outside diameter is considered and for inward pressure, inside diameter is crucial.
  • Reciprocating dynamic seals are used for pneumatic or hydraulic piston. For short strike smaller diameter is used and for longer stroke thicker cross section is used.
  • Rotary seals are reliable under adequate conditions like durometer, feet per minute values and hardware configuration matches. For shaft hardness value of 55 Rockwell is required for the success of the O-Ring. There are specialized O-Ring compounds for rotary service.





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